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TJOTMS: Ep.7, No One Cries Over Spilled Spies

Location KCS Mary Shelley, K’Tusk Free Station
Background The KCS Mary Shelley has arrived at K’Tusk Free Station to upgrade her Warp Engines and other systems for the long journey ahead (Link: HERE). Shockingly, when the Shelley was moored, it was discovered that the harbor pilot was an impostor who has escaped back into the station. (previous episode Link: HERE)

While ship’s technicians figure out what the impostor did to the computer systems onboard, famous detective Sherlock Gnomes
has tracked the spy back to Dock 35A on K'Tusk.
Captain Thuries "Major Guiscard, get your team to the station, and capture that operative at all costs."
Major Guiscard "Eight Ball is on the way, Captain!"
SITREP K’Tusk Free Station is a sprawling mass of corridors and hab units teeming with people. However, some older sections are pretty much forgotten and provide isolated areas where less savory activities can be transacted. Unknown to station administrators, Dock 35A has housed an…

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