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The day I got to unbox Necromunda for Goldmine Games

A little bonus today. I went down to my local gamestore, Goldmine Games, and the owner had a copy of Necromunda. He got permission from GW to do an unboxing, and Mike asked if yours truly would post it.


Templates are back! Hope you didn't throw yours away

Lots of Bulkheads and other terrain goodies

Roster Cards, Tactics Cards, and Special Dice

The sprues are amazing. In my last post I made a point that mdf models from Miniature Scenery were fiddly. I take it back. The sprues for Esher have the hair separate from the heads...

some punch out counters and 10 two sided game boards

and of course the rulebook

Table of contents
... I haven't had a chance to look through the rules yet, I was told time was of the essence.

Enjoy, and I'll post an update (or updates) when I get a chance to read through the rules.

Thanks for looking!

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