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Product Review: GW Moon Base Klaisus

Picked up the GW Moon Base set from my FLGS, Goldmine Games. I have to say, over all, I really like the set. It comes with a two-sided game board style surface and a few sprues of ruins.

Considering that a 6'x4' mat runs around $75, the similar price point of this set means that I am getting twice as many tops as a mat, plus some terrain.

The good:
1. It comes in a nice box so it is protected while stored
2. The artwork is great. Both sides are well executed
3. The sprues are sturdy, well cast, and all unique

Stuff you should know:
1. The surface is about 6" shorter in both length and width. Doesn't bother me, but it is not quite "regulation" size
2. Even though the board is in 4 sections, the sides can only be laid out one way. It is not modular

What I didn't like:
Really only one thing, and it comes down to personal taste. GW used to give the guideline that a table should have 25% of the surface covered by some type of terrain.

There is only about enou…

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